Index of Modified Plugins

This page lists all the plugins we have modified. A link is provided to the current WP version at, so you can be sure that is the plugin you actually want.

The Fork Version is the plugin version we used to create our version. You can download it if you need it, but it is not necessary.

To download the new, CP forked version, simply click on the link. The plugins are stored at and you will be able to download the zip file from there.

To ensure you are notified when a plugin is updated, please go to the blog post for the plugin and click on the link “Subscribe to Comments” without needing to comment first.

Note: You need to be aware that any addons you purchase for the CP Fork version will not work if they also require WP 5 or higher. Please check before ordering.

Plugin Name WP Version Fork Version CP
Elementor Page Builder Current 2.7.6 5.0.1
TablePress Current 1.9.2 3.0.0