What we change
There are only two changes we make to plugins when modifying them to work with ClassicPress.

Firstly, we change the version number to a much higher one, so you do not get update notices in your admin panel. We also modify some of the readme.txt information to reflect the new version and its compatibility.

Secondly, we add code to the beginning of the installation file that prevents the plugin from being installed on a WordPress site.

We do not change how the plugin functions and do not modify any of the existing code. Our code changes are additions to the plugin, not replacements.

How we distribute the plugins
The plugins are made available as ZIP files. That is how we get them from the WordPress repository and that is how we reissue them. Because the modified plugins will not be in the WP repository, you need to install them manually. There is no need to unzip the files, simply upload them as is through your admin panel under Plugins, Add New and select the file to upload. You then manually activate it once it has been uploaded.

Updated plugins
Where a plugin has been updated, normally only because of a reported security vulnerability, the details of the developer who made the changes will be included in the Changelog file inside the zip file. You can view that in your admin panel under Plugins, Editor and selecting that file. Alternatively, you could unzip the plugin, or extract that file, on your computer and read the file before uploading the plugin to your site. 

Disclaimer of liability
This website, its owners and any developers who have worked on modifying a plugin take all care and attention to detail when working on a plugin. However, we do not guarantee the plugin you download is fit for purpose or will not cause disruption to your website.

Consequently, by downloading a plugin, you agree not to hold the above responsible or liable for any malfunctions. You use the plugin at your own risk. Having said that, if you do have a problem, please let us know so we can correct it.