Welcome to ClassicPress Forks

Welcome to ClassicPress Forks, a website that has only one purpose – to provide you with modified versions of WordPress plugins that no longer work on the WP 4 branch. This means they would not work on ClassicPress either and a few simple changes can overcome that problem.

Anyone following or using ClassicPress, knows plugin compatibility has been an issue from the start of the project. Some plugins are owned by Automatiic, the organization behind WordPress, which meant we needed our own versions.

The CP developers, along with volunteer developers, are creating these plugins on an ongoing basis. New plugins built specifically for CP are also being made. But there is a problem when plugins that don’t need to be forked, suddenly stop working, because the developer decides to no longer support WP 4.

So I decided to create this website so myself, and any developer who wants to help out, can modify plugins so they continue to work on ClassicPress.

Basically, it means taking the last version of the plugin that worked with WP 4 and doing two things to it. Firstly, bump the version number, so you don’t get update notices. Secondly, add code that prevents the modified plugin from being installed on WordPress.

No changes are made to how the plugin works, and it will only ever be patched if a security vulnerability is found.

The site has a file manager plugin that enables anyone, who is authorized, to work on the plugin code from within this site. There is no need to provide access to the cPanel file manager. This enables developers to collaborate on the modifications if needed.

Once the plugin has been modified, it is zipped back up and uploaded to box.com for anyone to download. The Plugins page is an index of all the ones we have modified, with links to the current WP version and to the modified version at box.com, so visitors can be sure a plugin is the one they think it is.

This site is privately owned and is not operated by or endorsed by the ClassicPress organization. As detailed on the Disclaimer page, you download and install plugins from this site at your own risk. But, since we are not changing how the plugin functions, there should not be any problems. You can always contact us if you do find a plugin is misbehaving and we will fix the problem.

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